Covid-19: Safe Working Practise in a Brave New World

22nd March 2022

**March 22nd 2022 Update**


Exactly two years after 2020 Coronavirus lockdown we are now in a Brave New World where government guidance is now all but abolished and it is time to try to adjust the focus on gradually bringing back a safe and structured return for all our clients.


Whether or not it is a legal requirement to wear a mask and adopt social-distancing we will continue to do so to protect staff and visitors. Our buildings are private premises and those are our very simple terms in granting entry.


Our Bourne, Grantham & Lincoln salerooms are all now open in line with the below specific guidance for all of our clients. Our Louth & Stamford offices will continue to be open by appointment only.


It is required that all visitors WEAR A MASK when visiting the premises (government listed medical conditions are exempt, expect stropus attitudii).

Please bring your mask along with you or you will not be permitted to enter the premises.


The Sales

A trial period for allowing bidders into the room for certain auctions is now active to assess the demand, safety, security and ease of a management. 

For the following auctions we will be allowing bidders into the room:

  • Bourne Toy, Transport & Automobilia Sale – 23rd March
  • Bourne General Sale – 24th March
  • Grantham Collective Sale General Furniture & Effects – 7th April
  • Bourne Collective Sale General Furniture & Effects – 14th April
  • Lincoln Collective Sale General Furniture & Effects – 21st April


The following precautions will be implemented.


  • All visitors will be asked to check in at Reception, giving some form of proof of ID.
  • The name and telephone number will be listed for reference should we need to contact you at some point.
  • All visitors must continue to wear a mask throughout their visit as per the signage.
  • No cafe facilities will be available at this time.


At these sales viewing will be allowed from 8:30am-10am on the morning of these specific sales for the bidders attending the auction only.


Main Viewing – Booking will no longer be required (with the exception of Saleroom 9 Grantham) instead there will be someone at point of entry taking down names and telephone numbers and ID for all who have visited and noting a time.


Collections – Booking will no longer be required and you can collect anytime during our listed open hours. The booking process will remain optional for clients buying in bulk and we can agree a time to have all your items ready if you would prefer.


Payments – These can be done to our usual terms and conditions. Payment is preferred by bank transfer or by debit card in person if required. Debit card payments can also be processed for remote bidders up to a limit of £500 and excluding any gold or silver items.


Valuations & Appraisals


These will be conducted on a by appointment basis pre-booked directly with the valuers and specialists to ensure we have the most appropriate member of the team reviewing your goods.

Please contact any of our valuation team for advice:

Nationwide Professional Valuation Reports William Gregory MRICS

Bourne, Stamford & Regional Auction Appraisals Kirsty Young MNAVA

Grantham & Regional Auction Appraisals Emily Ratcliffe MNAVA

Lincoln, Louth, Nottinghamshire & Regional Auction Appraisals John Leatt ASFAV

Leicestershire & The Midlands Auction Appraisals Richard Plant MNAVA 

Peterborough, London & South Auction Appraisals Colin Young MRICS

Online Auction Appraisals - Please make the most of our FREE Online Auction Appraisal Service.


Vendor Consignment Drop Off’s


We are open for entries for forthcoming sales, please simply call the office to arrange a slot for items to be dropped off. These will remain by appointment only.

Postal entries of gold, silver, jewellery, watches, coins, medals and small collectables can still be sent to us. Include your details and any notes about the items.

We can accept deliveries of consignments in person or by courier by appointment.

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