Covid-19: WE ARE OPEN - A Safe & Slow Release

4th January 2022

*January 4th 2022 UPDATE* 

Whether or not it is a legal requirement to wear mask and adopt social-distancing we will continue to do so to protect staff and visitors. Our buildings are private premises and those are our terms in granting entry.

We are open once more by appointment at our Bourne, Grantham, Lincoln & Louth premises.

All visits will need to be pre-booked so we can manage the amount of people on site at any given time, all appointments can be made by calling or emailing our offices.

Our Stamford office remains moth-balled until The George of Stamford is fully operational again, but the Town & District remain fully serviced by our valuers and we have access to a private office for consultations in business centre.

It is required that all visitors WEAR A MASK when visiting the premises (with the exception of those with the government listed medical conditions).

Please bring your mask along with you or you will not be permitted to enter the premises.



We will be seeking to limit the amount of public on the premises at any given time. As such all viewings and collections will continue to be by appointment only.  All sales will remain online only unless otherwise advertised.

  • Viewing – Upon pre-booked arrival at the saleroom you will be asked to wear your own mask for the duration of your visit. Gloves will be available but not essential. Hand wash facilities are provided both upon entering and leaving the building. We insist that viewing is only made where absolutely necessary. As an alternative and upon request further information can be forwarded to you.
  • Payments – In order to limit the amount of face to face contact we ask that all accounts are settled by direct wire or card payment over the phone if you are unable to do online banking. Where the account is over £500 and you wish to pay by card this may be able to be done in person at our office, but only if permission is granted before your visit. We no longer accept cash or cheque.
  • Collection - Please note if you purchase something that cannot be lifted by one person you will have to bring the extra help along with you as we are unable to assist at this time to abide by the social distancing regulations.


Valuations & Auction Appraisals

These will be conducted on a by appointment basis pre-booked directly with the valuers and specialists for the foreseeable future. 

Please contact any of our valuation team for advice:

Nationwide Professional Valuation Reports William Gregory MRICS

Bourne, Stamford & Regional Auction Appraisals Kirsty Young MNAVA

Grantham & Regional Auction Appraisals Emily Ratcliffe MNAVA

Lincoln, Louth, Nottinghamshire & Regional Auction Appraisals John Leatt ASFAV

Leicestershire & The Midlands Auction Appraisals Richard Plant MNAVA 

Peterborough, London & South Auction Appraisals Colin Young MRICS

Online Auction Appraisals - Please make the most of our FREE Online Auction Appraisal Service.


Vendor Consignment Drop Off’s

We are open for entries for forthcoming sales, please simply call the office to arrange a slot for items to be dropped off. Please note if you are bringing in items of furniture we will not be able to assist in unloading the vehicle so please bring a person with you to help unload.

Postal entries of gold, silver, jewellery, watches, coins, medals and small collectables can still be sent to us. Include your details and any notes about the items.

We can accept deliveries of consignments in person or by courier by appointment.


Home Visits

Where possible these are to be avoided/limited to where absolutely necessary. One of our valuation team will call to discuss your exact needs. They will then either ask for images to be forwarded, arrange a Facetime viewing of the items where possible or where absolutely necessary arrange a home visit. Please also note we will ask if there have been any cases of COVID-19 in your household, to ensure our well being.

If a member of the team do visit you they will come with a mask, gloves where necessary and anti-bacterial gel and we ask that you keep at a distance of at least 2 metres. Where possible we also ask that you stay in another room whilst we look at your items. Please do not be offended if we turn down your offer of using the restroom, or having a cup of tea, as we are just abiding by either company policy or the regulations applicable at that time.


House Clearance/Collections

The transport team diary is getting advance bookings quicker than ever in this post lockdown period, so please be patient with us. We will always aim to prioritise high security risk situations for empty properties and particularly deceased estates.

The team will adhere to the government safety regulations on visiting other homes and working/travelling together within close proximity. There is specific guidance as to two people lifting objects within close proximity and as such we aim to ensure the same teams of two are working together in order to limit the risk as best we can.

When the team visit they will wear a mask and gloves where necessary, as well as ensuring they are regularly cleaning their hands with anti-bac gel, and where properties are empty with soap and water. If you are in a property whilst we collect we ask that you keep at least 2 metres apart from the team. Where possible we also ask that you stay in another room, or outside whilst we collect the goods. It is also advised that you wipe down any surfaces within your home our team have touched, once we have left to limit the risk. Please also do not be offended if we turn down your offer of using the restroom, or having a cup of tea, as we are just abiding by either company policy or the regulations applicable at the time.


Undertaking Valuations & House Clearance – We continue to provide the probate professionals, executors and/or the courts, with a bespoke Private Client service tailored to circumstances. Importantly, all valuations continue to follow RICS Red Book standards & guidelines. If you are looking for a professional valuation report and/or clearing a property it has never been more essential that you check your service provider is a firm 'Regulated by RICS' before inviting or instructing.

Contact William Gregory MRICS on 07872 455883


& Finally

Important Notice for Sale Buyers  - As for the last 158 years, we are selling under our Terms & Conditions of Auction Business. It is imperative that you read these. Of equal importance is that you read the specific and variant sale notes regarding viewing restrictions, bidding options and collecting restrictions. As ever, these are express terms that are binding to the sale contract.

This page remains the place to go for all the latest Coronavirus information and if you are signed up for our emails, make sure you have ticked ‘Newsletters’

We choose not to use Social Media channels such as FaceBook or Twitter to disseminate important information during the current pandemic period.

In a time of information overload – less is more!

Please continue to contact us by email as that is the easiest way for us to stay on top of queries and enquiries.

Kind Regards

Colin Young MRICS 

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