Buying at Auction

Attending a sale

When attending a sale it is helpful to have the following information with you:

  • A print out of the catalogue
  • Proof of ID and address
  • Ability to make your payment which is due saleday

During the viewing visit our Pay Office to register for a bidder number paddle. 

Here are a few tips when bidding:

  • check our Terms & Conditions of Sale BEFORE you bid
  • be clear about the Buyers Premium, check the terms and conditions for this amount.
  • use your paddle or card to get the auctioneer's attention
  • join the bidding early to confirm your interest
  • bid quickly, and clearly
  • it is your responsibility to communicate the bid, not the auctioneer's to predict it 

And, the myth dispelled:

  • bidding late means you may get it cheaper - No, it makes you more likely to miss out!

With this advice, auction is a fun, rewarding and highly enjoyable way to buy.

Absentee (or Commission) Bidding

You can leave an Absentee Bid on any future lot either in the saleroom or here on our website if you cannot attend saleday.

You will find bidding links on lot pages and in lot listings for future sales.

To accept your Absentee Bid we need contact details for you, and you need to be logged in to the website to leave a bid.

Telephone Bidding 

If you cannot attend a sale or leave an Absentee Bid for some particular reason, telephone bids may be arranged as an alternative.

There is a greater risk in this type of bidding for a variety of reasons and really should be your very last resort.

The service is only provided lots on which you will start the bidding at a minimum of £500, even if the estimate is lower.  

Fax or email requests for telephone bids need to be received by 4pm the day prior to the sale to ensure staffing is available.

Bid or watch online at GY-Live!

You can either bid live in real time with the auctioneer or just watch and listen to the sale online at GY-Live.

If you have bought at auction in the past you will find this a useful, easy alternative method to use for bidding, but again note this is riskier than attending or simply leaving an Absentee Bid.

If you are new to auctions, but have had experience of so-called internet auction sites you need to be aware that the protocol and terminology is very different.

It is important to remember that this is not an internet auction. It is a real auction that happens to be live webcast for you to bid as a final option.

Here are a few tips when buying:

  • check the Shipping Options below BEFORE you bid
  • check our Terms & Conditions of Sale BEFORE you bid
  • be clear about the Buyers Premium check the terms and conditions for this amount.
  • check your broadband for speed and continuity
  • hold the mouse over the 'Bid' button to show you may be interested
  • join the bidding as early as possible to confirm your interest
  • bid quickly, there is a small time delay, do not add to it with indecision
  • the auctioneer cannot see the expression on your face, a blank screen is taken as NO

And a few myths dispelled:

  • late bidding means you may get it cheaper - No, it makes you more likely to miss out!
  • no goods are sold as new - There is no guarantee
  • do Distance Selling Regulations apply? - No they do not, you have the opportunity to view pre-sale even if you choose not to
  • you cannot change your mind after the fall of the hammer
  • you did not 'win' a lot; you are a buyer, it is an auction - not the bingo!
  • we cannot just 'pop it in an envelope'
Shipping, Postage & Packing

Here at Golding Young Limited we understand that when bidding online it is not always convenient or possible to collect your lots in person. We therefore introduced an in house postage and packaging service for the majority of items we sell. Whilst we cannot offer a service to post all items we are able to offer pre-sale quote for you to best decide how to proceed.

Whoever you instruct will need to be able to both pack and post the items for you. There is no option available for packing only.

Please see below a list of various couriers who regularly collect from us, including a breakdown of our own in house service.

The following specialist providers offer bespoke and considerably cost-effective shipping. Whilst they all have an excellent track record of service to our clients, they still remain your agent, not ours.


Remember you only have a 21-day period from the DATE of SALE to complain about a lot, NOT the date of receipt.


Please be organised and ensure you receive it in that time-frame.

Golding Young Limited – Postage Department

Parcels are sent every 7 days dependant on quantities. All postage requests will be processed at our discretion. If we are unable to provide you with a suitable service other couriers are available.


T: Email only service please note reception staff will not be able to assist with these queries

Golding Young Limited will invoice you separately for postage and packaging services, as this does not form part of the sale contract. This means payment will also be made separately to your sale invoice. Charges vary depending on the service provided. Postage is usually done every 8-10 days dependant on quantities.


A collection service is made following the Bourne, Grantham & Lincoln Collective Sales.

T: +44 (0)115 947 2779


Minimum consignment fees apply. Other MBE franchises near us include Sheffield

Lincoln Pack & Send

T: 01522 300220



Alban Shipping

T: +44 (0)1582 493099

F: +44 (0)1582 490147



Your Courier

If you wish to use your own courier you are more than welcome to do so. However we do not accept UPS or any other courier that is not prepared to pack your item.


Terms & Conditions of Auction Business

Our terms and conditions are available to view here>