Toys & Juvenalia Auctions

With our specialist Toy Auctions in Bourne, ably supported by Collective Sales at the other rooms and the expertise from the Resident Valuers selling collections or the family Teddy bear is child's play.

The range of items in this discipline and thriving market is huge and diverse.

There are so many examples to choose of success stories, we achieve tremendous results with the sale of Dinky Toys, Corgi, Matchbox, trains including OO and O gauge, up to live steam engines and steam tractors. There is also much interest in Lego, Meccano, Rupert and other annuals, dolls, comics, Star Wars and Subbuteo.

Vintage computers command huge sums and it is often discarded items like these that make the most. 

The Toy Sales have seen many highlights. A massive sale of Dinky toys included the £110 paid for a small French Morris. A Flying Scotsman Hornby OO gauge at £90 was similarly well contested and at a higher level the £2,400 for a group of Sasha dolls and £440 paid for a small collection of Matchbox vehicles shows we can achieve solid and spectacular results for the highest quality and everyday collectable toy.

We will happily look at anything you may have, with original Star Wars figures for example currently making five figure sums, don’t risk it with anything.

If you want to throw your toys out of the cot; take aim at Golding Young & Mawer for a full and thorough appraisal.

Toys & Juvenalia Highlights

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