This wide ranging topic probably holds the most crucial items in achieving good results in today’s market.

The objects people think are worthless: the stamps, postcards, ephemera, the bits cleared before the valuer gets to the property – the very objects which need the most research and bring the highest reward.

It is crucial to let to look over EVERYTHING before it is given away, sold privately or even discarded. It only takes a few minutes to analyze and it is FREE, worthwhile and profitable in doing so.

A recent postcard collection selling for £3,000 lay testament to this, but other items which fall under this umbrella are often thrown out without us seeing them – the advice is always let us have a look!

Postcards are an interesting item. Not everything makes a fortune, but accumulative albums are keenly sought with many private buyers contending for them at auction.

Then there are vintage computers, those from the 1980s, highly collectable, even the Super Nintendo from the 1990 hold premium prices, a Gameboy in original packaging will achieve high hundreds of pounds.

Then you have cigarette cards, rare packets still hold there own, there is vintage ephemera, enamel signs, advertising and anything cherished is sold in specialist Collective Sales to maximise prices.

If people tend to collect something, that something often holds a price.

The list is endless, but rest assured we look at everything so that time and again the best results are achieved.

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