Taxidermy Auctions

With a complex subject comes the need to use a professional, regulated firms like Golding Young & Mawer. Thorough research will not only make sure what you sell is legal, but who will enhance the sale prices for both exotic and more familiar animals too.

From local items such as fox and badger heads, antlers and so on to sword fish rostrums, tiger heads, animal rugs and even monkeys, we will work to CITES compliance and ensure good results.

Successes are numerous and many examples could be referenced from a single owner collection of over 20 cased fish, finding buyers throughout the world with £3,400 for a Cooper cased tench being a particular highlight, to the numerous local hunting pieces we offer, to more unusual pieces such as the £360 for a blue monkey or the £6,800 for a Van Ingen tiger head.

Whatever you may bring we can identify if items are legal to sell and can apply for licenses to sell where required. From the 1970's to 2018 there have been excellent laws to help protect endangered species, the cultural heritage of art & antiques and natural history specimens from which we learn.


Taxidermy Highlights

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