Coin Auctions

From coins dug up from the ground, to proof sets, sovereigns, gold, silver and base metal item; this is one of the most buoyant markets with buyers and sellers coming to us time and again.

We pride ourselves on high levels of research so even if you find a Roman coin in poor condition we will identify it and value it, we take as much time on lower value items as we do on bullion making several thousand pounds, it is not the value as much as the interest in the subject and our willingness to pass knowledge on.

The £3250 for a proof coin set, the £235 for a Victorian sovereign, or the £820 for a Krugerrand proves at our auction there is not a melt down or ‘scrap’ price when it comes to coins and people are willing to buy an object for what it is rather than what it weighs. We have had success selling modern  items including the £170 paid for a Kew Gardens 50 pence coin.

New gold and silver coins prove to be excellent sellers for a variety of reasons. It is a sound investment buying English sovereigns as they are exempt from capital gains tax, so let us help in your quest to collect.

If you are looking to sell we have clients throughout the world awaiting your lots.

When dealing with items dug up, you have to know if what you have is legal to sell or if items need to be disclosed. Treasure Trove laws are becoming more and more complex, we can help you through the entire process.

Looking to sell? Flip-a-coin and both sides will show 'Golding Young', you will be 'struck' by our service and hopefully you will make a 'mint'!

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