Lockdown reveals Lockwood-Morris' major work

31st December 2020

Lockdown reveals Lockwood - Morris' major work Image

As we emerged out of lockdown in the summer of 2020 and rebuilt our team, William Gregory was back spearheading the valuation and advisory service for probate professionals. 


One such call in Lincoln led to one of the best discoveries of the year.  Among an extensive house of general furniture, antiques, ceramics and collectables was a still life oil painting of a very unassuming nature. 


William immediately recognised it as a work by Sir Cedric Lockwood Morris (1889-1982), the eminent British artist, art teacher and plantsman.


The excitement of the find came as a very pleasant surprise to the family, particularly when William placed an estimate on the picture of £30,000 to £50,000. 


The lot was dutifully catalogued with an extensive list of all the identifiable horticultural specimens in latin, courtesy of Jan Squires.  It was marketed and viewed with opening bids exceeding the lower estimate of £30,000. 


It later went on to sell in a timed online auction for £40,000.


Through the mask, I am sure I heard William saying something like 'Blooming marvelous!'  or similar for this major work by Morris.

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