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2nd February 2021

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The Bechstein piano in the Grantham Collective Auction on February 10th is quite simply one of the finest musical instruments to grace this or any sale for a long time.

It couples the magic name of Carl Bechstein, with Hoffmann, and adds the fact it is a modern and beautiful piece, which acts as a stunning item of furniture as much as a great sounding piano.

It is modern also, it fits into the modern décor, it is a talking point and produces one of the best sounds one could wish to hear.

Such a piece of furniture would become the focal point of any room and it is urged that if you want such a thing, this is the one to go for as it ticks so many boxes: the quality name, sound and craftsmanship are all there, to go with the very favourable estimate of £4000 - £6000.

So what makes this brand so much better than most? The first Bechstein piano was produced by founder Carl Bechstein in 1853. A branch selling these finest pianos was opened in London on 1885, Queen Victoria owned one and one of the greatest composers of all Franz Liszt preferred Bechstein pianos to any other.

Johannes Brahms and Anton Rubenstein promoted the brand early on and a great many famed names such as Claude Debussy spoke as highly of Bechsteins as anything else.

Carl’s death in 1900 led to his three sons Johann, Carl and Edwin taking over and by 1963 the company had been bought out by Baldwin Pianos. What remained constant was the quality of the pieces produced.  This example smacks of absolute quality and style, it looks amazing and sounds even better, it is a more preferred newer model and there really are no excuses, it is stupendously good!

The sale in Grantham is on February 10th and includes other highlights such as a Yamaha Clavinova. However, don’t worry if musical instruments aren’t your thing though as there are large selections of paintings including an enormous collection of works by Terence Shelbourne, a world class jewellery collection juxtaposing the very modern with the older, a choice selection of furniture and the usual good amounts of pottery, collectables and silver.

The sale is on Wednesday February 10th and will be available to view online by Thursday 4th February, alternatively, please contact the offices here on (01476) 565118 for further details.

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