Gems and Jewels

27th September 2019

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For many years jewellery has been prominent in all walks of life. In the Victorian times and much earlier jewellery was used as a display of wealth, with elaborate pieces being made and worn as a statement to all that the individual wearing them had wealth. However during the same period mourning jewellery was also highly sought after and this was more readily available to a wider range of individuals. The most common mourning jewellery were brooches, which had a memorial panel to the back; these could also be inscribed with the initials of the deceased.

Some of the more elaborate pieces of jewellery created during the Victorian period include the following highlights at Golding Young Auctioneers. This diamond star brooch selling for £26,000, along with the cameo bracelet selling for £3,400. There is also a high demand for Victorian mourning jewellery at present the two examples shown below sold for £150 and £170 earlier this year.

It is not always as expensive as these examples shown to collect jewellery, for many a more collectable market is what is classed as costume jewellery. This type of jewellery is made of cheaper materials than gold or silver and is often set with paste stones to give the illusion they are a more expensive piece. This type of jewellery has a very strong collectors market. So why not start collecting today?



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