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25th January 2021

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Being optimistic and looking forward are the key things in these difficult times and a collection of high end jewellery coming up at the Lincoln sale on January 20th reflects how to purchase quality pieces, which will hold their value at the fraction of the cost.

Lot 103 perfectly highlights the extreme high quality items that appear at Golding Young and which can be purchased at a mere fraction of the price that you would see in a shop or other retail environment.

The diamond and emerald ear studs smack of the highest quality, with beautiful stones high in both colour and clarity. An insurance or retail price associated with these literal gems of the sale would be in excess of £10000, the estimate on these? £4000 - £6000. The prestige of the item is the same and although there is commission on top of the price, there is also an invisible commission were you to purchase such things in a shop a commission far higher than the one advertised here!

Quality items at lower than retail and high street prices can also be well illustrated further down the spectrum as a £50 - £80 estimate accompanies the dragonfly brooch which is to be found in lot 104. A simply amazing item, highly decorative, an insect brooch, beautifully crafted and in the best condition. I would suggest you would add a zero to the low estimate if you were to buy such a thing from the high street, but here it is at its true price, not a low price but what it is actually worth.

It is not just wearable items where this is apparent. Now it is more necessary than ever to shop around and to find the highest quality at the right price – not a low price, but also not an inflated one. Auction remains the most honest place for purchasing usable furniture for example and Golding Young is inundated with the highest quality second hand items (but items ready to go and in showroom condition) again at the right price, not one with an inflated mark up and it is as well to stress the importance of buying from auction to maximize value.

Of course auctions continually create record prices for the best items, but it also offers a fabulous way to buy the highest quality without paying over the odds too, it is recommended to visit our website for the sale in Lincoln on the 20th January, where quality and value go hand in hand and as with our other salerooms in Grantham and Bourne throughout the year; we are always here to give the best advice to buyers and sellers alike.

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