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31st May 2021

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Fred Yates can be considered as one of the more famed and collected artists in the mid to late 20th century, a popularity which continued well into this century and and thirteen years after his death, these most accomplished and recognisable of artists remains as popular now as ever.

Born in 1922, Yates spent his early life working towards being that most un artistic of vocations; an insurance clerk, art was not a priority and became even less so after the outbreak of World War Two.

Personal tragedy struck as his brother was missing in action and the grim news that he had later died greatly affected the already shy and retiring Yates.

Against family advice he began studying art in Bournemouth receiving both accolades and recognition, winning a scholarship to Rome, but his shyness and gentle approach often held him back.

These traits were certainly not necessary especially considering his undoubted talent and outstanding work. There are definite likenesses to the great L S Lowry, but his work incorporates his own methods, often showing normal people doing normal activities, whether it be on the beach or attending a football match and it was the latter subject which earned him second place in a drawing competition when his work portraying Brighton & Hove Albion Football Ground of 1954 came runner up ironically to the aforementioned Lowry and which now hangs in the club museum.

Yates was well travelled, highly talented and greatly supported by many private buyers and larger organisations.

He lived in various south coast locations in England and traveled to many areas of France including Rancon. He was fiercely patronised by the John Martin Gallery and a number of his exhibitions such as Muck and Brass and Top Of The World throughout the country gave him worldwide appeal, which continues today.

He created works in oil, watercolour and in print. They encompass jolly days out often at the seaside and often bring a smile to the faces of anyone who looks at them.

Sadly Yates passed away following a heart attack in 2008 and was buried overlooking one of his favourite scenes St. Michael’s Mount. Of course his works continue to be highly sought after and fiercely collected. The two we have the pleasure of offering in the Lincoln Art Sale on the 26th May encompass his style perfectly and sum up his undeniable talent and ability to create ordinary scenes with extraordinary execution.

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