A Year On... Thank you.

23rd March 2021

A Year On... Thank you. Image

March 2020 Vision

The 23rd March will be indelibly tattooed upon our minds and psyche as a year on we reflect and look back to that defining day in 2020. 

The day was full of palpable intrigue and fear of the unknown as we awaited the Prime Minister’s announcement due early evening.

Once Kirsty and I had managed to digest all of the information, the implications and inevitability, we set to informing all of the staff that our business was closed and no one would be coming in to work the next day. 

The email went out at 21.17 that night to the effect that 38 out of 40 staff were stood down and that six offices would be closed the next day for an unknown and indeterminable period. 


March 2021 Revision

Twelve months on we have to be grateful that through the many scares, setbacks and challenges of the last year no-one at the firm lost their job, furlough was short lived and by the very nature of having to adapt to new working practices we have since taken on extra staff to ensure that services can continue safely and effectively. 

It has been a year that has undoubtedly brought the best out of the very best people and we have been very lucky in comparison to what some people have had to endure.

The entire team at Golding Young would like to express our sincere thanks to all of the vendors that have supported us without whom we would have nothing to sell online to our ever expanding worldwide client base of buyers.

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