Tribal Art Auctions

A minefield of a discipline with reproduction items difficult to spot and original objects producing high reward. It is therefore crucial to let us fully appraise any items before sale.

The advertising and selling is also of high importance. The objects must be accurately catalogued with key words to promote them, photographs must be clear and they must be offered on an online platform for sale due to the high numbers of worldwide buyers there are, all factors we can fulfil.

Our successes are both numerous and punchy the two paddles making £4,600 and £1,700 respectively and the Maori Waka huia at £900 was also very pleasing.

A range of objects fall into this category and there is often very little difference between tourist pieces and items from hundreds of years ago

Our scope for tribal items is huge with success stories for voodoo pieces, North American and African wares from war clubs to figure groups, tribal masks and Zulu shields.

Golding Young famously sold an Aboriginal shield for £30,00 on the BBC Flog It! antiques program with it being repatriated to The Sydney Museum of Primitive Art.

Tribal Art Highlights