Textiles & Vintage Costume Auctions

The range of what we sell whether old or new is quite astonishing. Items falling under the textiles umbrella could include (but would not be restricted to) samplers, embroidery, vintage and modern clothing, handbags, quilts, linen, curtains, silk embroideries and rugs and throws. These are all items we are keen to help with whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Again with most things, good advertising is key, as proved by the sale of a small group of modern handbags headed by the £3,200 to secure a Hermes shoulder bag. We are very comfortable in attribution, promotion and sale of designer items and with the Fakes and Forgeries Act you as vendors and we as auctioneers have to be sure we are selling genuine items.

Again our wide range of knowledge can be assessed with the £300 paid for the Victorian sampler, the £4,600 for a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk and the £4,200 which landed the Chinese silk bag with Imperial type stitching and colours.

A diverse range of items passes through all three salerooms and we have the experts required to pitch items in the correct sales to enhance their potential.

Our Asian Art sales help promote such items and we constantly strive to pitch things in the right environment to enhance potential, with Chinese Imperial clothing for example part of a booming market.

We are happy to look at anything textile related and appraise with style.

Textiles & Vintage Costume Highlights