Scientific Instrument Auctions

Scientific instruments are the fascination of an enquiring mind and the science of engineering that creates the instruments makes this one of the most engaging of collectors' fields.

The range of objects in this discipline is vast, from calculators, globes, microscopes, slides, calipers, ship clocks, barometers, pantographs and so on.

Whilst valuation can often be an imprecise science, the physics of a simple hammer determines open market value. Whether it is the library globe sold for £9,200, the pocket globe at £3,200 or the Benjamin Martin microscope tipping the scale at £8,200, prices remain strong for the premium makers and the finest instruments.

It is not only antiques either, as the £320 paid for the Eclipse Module telescope highlights a strong prices for modern items too.

Put us under the microscope and see results that will hopefully need an astrolabe to calculate!

Scientific Instruments Highlights