Classic Cars & Motorcycles Auctions

The allure of an open top Alfa Romeo Spider, skimming the coastline of the French Riviera has always been what most people conceive to be the world of classic cars, either that – or a neighbour who has a Jenson Interceptor in the garage that only comes out once a year and never in the rain.

The classic car market is still blooming, long since gone are the sorry days of the mid 2000s when a 1970s Porsche 911 could be bought for about £10,000 and now the emerging market of the ‘Modern Classic’ has been born, with 1980s and even early 2000s cars making money that people really wouldn’t expect. There is 'fast-money' in selling a 'Fast Ford'!

Sales of Classic Cars & Motorcycles are included in the Automobilia sales we hold at our Bourne saleroom, home of BRM, the 1962 Formula 1 World Championship winning team. We are extremely proud of this heritage and even have a modern classic Rover BRM Limited Edition as a pool car to ensure that the iconic 'orange oval' remains as a homage to this legendary period of Motor Racing in Lincolnshire.

At Golding Young & Mawer we are passionate about classic cars, some of us own them, some of us drive them, most of us covet them, but we simply love to sell them.

We have sold many collections including the 170 lot Bubble Car Museum surplus collection.

From barn finds to your pride and joy, let us advise on the sale when the time comes.

Classic Cars & Motorcycles Highlights