Wood you believe it?

8th October 2019

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The sale of an amazing collection of antique and new tools concluded at Grantham on October 2nd to the tune of just over £36,000. 

As reported in previous blogs the Karl Holtey wood planes which spearheaded the collection made up the first twenty one lots of the sale produced the lions share of the interest.  However, the tool chest they came in and a collection of older planes from the same source also surprised and amazed with everything selling well over expectation.

The precision of the Holtey planes was undeniable.  They, in their own right were pieces of fine art and were specifically made in small numbers and are no longer in production.  This collection was comprised of the best quality by this design legend and made more than anticipated.

Buyers were nationwide and interest spread across the world.  These items, although not unique, were very rare and appealed to a number of people.  Antique tool collectors were persuaded to bid due to the supreme quality of what was on offer and a breakdown of the prices led by £3,500 for a 28.5 inch joint plane closely followed by figures of £2,800, £2,450, £1,450, £2,600 and £1,900 for an array of different sized planes by this master toolmaker meant it was a sale without a weak point. An array of private collectors led the charge in the purchase of these items.

The cabinet/tool chest the wood planes were consigned in was expertly crafted with skill and determination and realised £775 to an avid collector.

It was a joy to sell, a joy to catalogue and an instance that proves yet again that quality does indeed sell.

Auction records for the maker were smashed and a high quality outcome went hand in hand with high quality items.  Although the Karl Holtey planes were the highlight of the collection, there were still a vast array of tools and associated items within the collection which were sorted and included within the same sale.  All of these achieving reasonable prices and adding to the overall collection.

For this and all other sale results from this sale please follow this link. 

We are always happy to look at any consignment whether it be tools or other items, so please do not hesitate to contact our offices today further details.

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