Video: sevres cup and saucer

23rd May 2014

A 19th Century Sevres porcelain cup and saucer was brought into the Lincoln Auction Rooms during one of our weekly Friday valuation mornings.

An interesting piece, the item, Lot 21, is highly decorated with various different coloured enamels and very elaborate gildings.

Lot 21 - 19th Century Sevres Porclain Cup And Saucer

Sevres, now a French state-owned company was formed in the early 18th Century under the patronage of royalty. They managed to stay at the forefront of European porcelain production despite the tumultuous times that took place in the French political structure in the latter half of the century which culminated in the French Revolution.

Lot 21 - 19th Century Sevres Porclain Cup And Saucer RF Mark

This particular piece is marked 'RF' which shows it was produced after the French Revolution period of 1789-1799.

With an estimate of £200-£300, watch to see how much it sold for on sale day.

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