Recycle your unwanted gifts at Auction

28th December 2012

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, of joy and laughter. But, did you wake up on Christmas morn with a feeling of dread? What would be under the tree from Auntie Joan, a beautiful bracelet or another useless item for your garden shed? Don't hide your unwanted gifts away to gather dust, there are other things you can do:

  • Sell your items at a local Auction house.
  • Donate your unwanted gifts to a charity. All items entered into Auction, where the proceeds go to charity, is 0% commission.
  • Sell your items at a car boot sale. You could even pick up some items to sell and profit from at auction.

Auction houses may bring to mind dusty attic rooms, filled with object d'art of bygone days. But they can and do sell anything, from fine art & antiques to everyday bric-a-brac.

Auction houses will take your item, promote it for you and sell it for the market value - they take a commission to ensure that happens. All you need do is take one trip to your local Auctioneers and they will take it from there; they will appraise your item to see if it is of note or value. No hunting around for boxes to pack your items, waiting in line at the post office on a busy Saturday morning or standing in the rain, sleet or snow at your local car boot sale.

Golding Young & Mawer will value your items, free of charge. They hold valuation days at Lincoln, Grantham, Stamford, Boston, Leicester and Louth. Auctions take place every month in Grantham and Lincoln.

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