Musical Notes

6th August 2020

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In these strange economic and social times, several constants have remained when purchasing items as buyers strive for something that is that bit different, useful and of high quality. Other more practical boxes have to be ticked such as the size of an item; in that if it doesn’t fit in the front door you are not going to buy it.

In addition, as rooms in houses change function with less requirement for dining rooms for example and more need for studies, offices, play rooms or ‘man caves’.  Such rooms for entertainment will lead to a surge for the Wurlitzer jukebox which can be yours to finish off the games room you have always desired.

The good news is this example the 1015-CD is a modern copy playing CDs the bonus of this is the sound quality is superb and the songs don’t jump or skip. Also in terms of cost you are buying something that looks the part that none of your neighbours will have and you are not paying well into five figures which is what some of the earlier examples command.

The firm itself was developed in America by a German immigrant Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer in 1853, who originally didn’t make jukeboxes, but musical instruments, which became so successful they were commissioned to make them for the USA military. It was only once they had moved from Cincinnati to New York that organs, self playing pianos and juke boxes were ever produced.

The company flourished and up until moving to Germany in 1973 had garnered great commercial success. In 1988 they were bought out by the Baldwin Piano Company and manufacture like with so many other major names was moved overseas to save on cost.

This example is all singing and dancing, with the lights, American car-like design and superb remote sound all contributing to this lot being a quirky, which so many strive to own.


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