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20th March 2020

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Whilst auctions are now a truly global event with the introduction of internet catalogues and with online bidding, it is reassuring to find that Lincolnshire internet lots can still capture the local collector.

In the past few months a number of items which have come up for auction have done just that.

Following a visit to a long standing client of Golding Young and Mawer a very rare set of Ruston and Hornsby Limited books dating from the late 19thC through to the first World War were put up for auction.

Documenting a fascinating historical record of firm and its importance, in particular the role the company took in the First World War effort.

Local historians and collectors took a keen interest and it was pleasing to see the books selling to a local buyer with plans to research and document the collection.

Further items recently appeared at auction including A. Ruston and Hornsby Limited 50 years’ faithful service medal awarded to J.E. Greaves (1900-1950) and a number of signs.  Possibly the most interesting was an enamel sign from the Second World War relating to the air raid shelters at Ruston and Hornsby.

The notice reminded employees that the shelters are for emergency only and any person found in the shelters at any other time will be instantly dismissed.

A threat we can safely assume J.E. Greaves managed to avoid. 

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