How to collect as an investment

15th September 2013

We have seen troubled times in recent years, but there is hope on the horizon. The UK is officially out of the worst double-dip recession since the Second World War. So, whilst there are signs of a recovery, a balanced portfolio can help manage your future risk.

Fine art & antiques can bring a cultural diversity to the typical portfolio of stocks, property and business, and if managed well can present excellent investment opportunities.

Business advisors can help with managing your estate, tax and succession planning. But when it comes to what fine art & antiques to buy, you might as well use a crystal ball. It's difficult to predict what will be valuable in the future and what won't.

We believe in watching the market, looking for items where supply is or will be limited and demand is increasing.

Here are seven points to consider before developing a fine art & antiques investment portfolio:

  1. Collect what you like - unless it's in storage, you're likely to see the item every day. Ensure the item fits in with your décor and style of property.
  2. Know what you are collecting - avoid the fakes or get professional advice before you buy.
  3. Be aware of price fluctuations and market demand - don't pay over the odds.
  4. Buy quality rather than quantity - you're more likely to get a return.
  5. Buy the best condition you can afford - you may have to hold on to the item for a while.
  6. Don't get personal - view the collection as a business not a hobby.
  7. Have an exit strategy - know when it's time to sell.

Golding Young & Mawer produce highly illustrated online catalogues for all their collective and specialist sales. The catalogues come with a user-friendly search facility so you can find what interests you, quickly and efficiently.

Golding Young & Mawer are RICS qualified, fine art & antique auctioneers and valuation experts, with a private client practice offering probate and insurance valuations. Call 01476 565118 or 01522 524984 to find out how we can help you or your clients.


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