15th February 2021

Handbags Image

We all know how markets change and when certain items are popular – some become less so…Well currently Vintage is the buzz word that we all see used more and more and with such items as vintage handbags, it couldn’t be more important.

So, a handbag is a piece of luggage to carry ones items about in a practical fashion? Well, yes, but it can also be a fashion statement that really has little to do with practicality altogether!

One of my favourite designs, and possibly the most enduring, is the Birkin by Hermes.

Its classic lines never go out of style and there is a fantastic display of understated elegance from the timeless outline that is simply unmistakable.


Originally designed by Jean-Louis Dumas in the early 1980s, it defined that period with its stunning quality and workmanship. Named after the one-time muse of Serge Gainsbourg (and “singing” partner) Jane Birkin - it is as adept at carrying a pack of Gauloises on the Champs Elysees as it is a collection of make up on The Kings Road.


We see many other brands of Handbag through the salerooms, including Gucci, Chanel and many other including the much replicated Louis Vuitton – it is rumoured that there are actually ten times as many fake Louis Vuitton products created every year than the company has actually manufactured in its entire lifetime, so it always pays dividends to get the items checked out properly, thankfully here at Golding Young & Mawer we have such experts that can spot the difference between Haute couture and the ever increasing forgeries market so if in doubt – ask the experts!

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