Golding Young & Mawer Supporting Antiques of the Future

4th March 2013

Lincolnshire auctioneers & valuers Golding Young and Mawer are proud sponsors of Events at the National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD).

The NCCD is dedicated to the celebration and promotion of international and national craft design, showcasing innovative new work that may become the antiques of the future. The current artist in the Main Gallery is Luke Jerram, who has an interest in the effect science, engineering and design has on his work.

The Great Exhibition in 1851, during Queen Victoria's reign, was a celebration of industrial design and technology. Even though it was a global platform to showcase talent from around the world, the UK aimed to exert its superiority in this field. The British exhibits were believed to have led the way in quality, design, strength and durability.

Principal Auctioneer & Valuation expert, Colin Young stated: "We see many items coming through the sale room from this time, but I wonder what will be hot in 10, 20 or even 50 years. If we don't protect and promote our own homegrown talent, the antiques of the future may be dominated by Chinese or American designers. The NCCD plays a vital role in showcasing new contemporary craft and design, and one which I'm really proud to be involved with. Who knows, we could be seeing Luke Jerram's work in the salerooms in the future. "

Auctioneers play a pivotal role in preserving antiques for future generations, providing a unique insight into a different time and way of living. The NCCD is ensuring the next generation of designers remain at the forefront of UK design.

The NCCD have an extensive seasonal program of dynamic exhibitions ranging from international to innovative work created by local and national artists. Artists who could be producing the antiques of the future from ground-breaking or award-winning designs to elegance and quality with a twist.

The current exhibition in the Main Gallery, "Luke Jerram: Revealing the Invisible" will be on show until 14 April 2013.

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