Getting The Horn At 7pm On Wednesday Week!

24th October 2016

On Wednesday November 2nd, at 6pm you could do a lot worse than to visit The Grantham Auction Rooms for its Winter Asian Art Sale.

The usual mass and class goes hand in hand with quality dovetailed throughout; from rhinoceros horns to silver dressing table sets, hand warmers, jade and a strong bronze and porcelain selection – with values to suit all bank balances!

Back to the horn; it is almost certainly late 18th Century in date, the carving is all round and good overall. It is a rich amber colour in places and is a good scholar’s piece. Whether the death of a 300 year old rhino is a good or bad thing cannot hide from the fact the object is of good quality and highly desirable in today’s market.

Thumbnail _lot 3001 An 18thC/19thC Chinese carved rhinoceros horn libation cup

Porcelain from the main later dynasties to include sang de boeuf and a couple of high quality bowls can be found, along with a strong jade section – buckles, carvings and so on, quite big in size and high in quality.

Thumbnail _lot 3003 A Chinese blue and white porcelain bowl

Furniture remains small in number but high in quality with a good marriage chest ticking a few boxes and a couple of screens and a bamboo cabinet which may appeal to decorators and collectors alike.

The sale shows a good number of high end items– but also has a few pieces lower down the spectrum – if you enjoy our monthly sales it is wise to stay for these auctions as there will be something to suit all tastes.

Thumbnail _lot 3002 A three piece dressing table set, by Hungchong

There will be a few tribal antique items too; a death mask and a club spring to mind as well as a South Sea vessel – probably a hollowed nut which has excellent carving and decoration.

The sale is at The Grantham Auction Rooms on Wednesday 2nd November at 6pm. Viewing is Tuesday 1st 10am – 4pm and on saleday 8:30am – 10am and after the last lot sells in our Collective Sale.

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