Book a date in your diary and stamp a time

9th September 2016

Books, stamps, postcards and ephemera are creating quite a stir at auction. Prices over the summer have built in strength and demand has been exceptional.

books stamps postcards ephemera

Our consultant Michael Elston is holding a series of valuation and consignment days in our offices over the next week. No appointment is necessary, although if you have a large and notable collection please contact any of our offices to pre-book an appointment.

From 9am until 1pm he will be available at the following venues:

  • Wednesday 14 September - The Grantham Auction Rooms
  • Thursday 15 September - The Stamford Valuation Office
  • Friday 16 September - The Lincoln Auction Rooms
  • Saturday 17 September - The Bourne Auction Rooms

The next specialist sale at The Bourne Auction Rooms is on Wednesday 12 October and final entries are now sought.

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