A doll-ectable collection!

28th November 2014

A private collection of dolls and accessories will be sold at auction on 3rd December 2014, at the Grantham Auction Rooms. It is both high in number and quality and is the best collection seen in the auction rooms; representing a fantastic opportunity to see – and possibly own – some of the great rarities in this very large collectible area.

The rarities include three Georgian pegged dolls, waxed faced examples from the early 19th Century and dolls from the Victorian era, clothed in original complete dress and in excellent condition.

Lot 462 Lot 505

One example we never see turning up in the saleroom is a pegged doll complete with original metal highlighted clothing and under a glass dome. We also have a wax faced witch from a slightly later period; whilst it may be a little more gruesome, it is no less rare.


There are a number of scarce items in the later examples also. An Edwardian walking sailor doll and a part walking example previously illustrated in the Miller’s Guide and complete with a part box are again pieces that simply seldom turn up.

Lot 456


What makes the collection truly special is the run of high-quality 19th-century pieces from the major German factories such as Armand Marseille. From this company alone there are around 50 dolls, mainly 1890s and early 1900s in date. They have been bought and lovingly kept in cabinets – free from sun damage and in excellent overall condition; 95% have original clothing, full composite bodies and have been kept in the condition from which they left the factory. They vary in size from the very large to the very small, from a variety of factories, and few have any damage at all.

Lot 492

Craig Bewick, Resident Auctioneer & Valuer said: “In a nutshell there is plenty for everyone. From new collectors to old. From those who want Georgian to those who want Edwardian. There is a rarity within the collection for everyone. The collection is fresh to the market, from a single owner – and expert in her own right. They are plentiful in number and top of the class in terms of quality.


Do you want sleep eyes? There are twenty to choose from. Fixed eyes? 60 more. Moving tongues? They are there too, along with big heads, small heads, boy dolls, girl dolls, baby dolls, dolls that make noise (seriously) and those that actually walk about – there is even a couple of those here too.”


Also included within the collection are a large number of items of dolls furniture, extra clothing, extra accessories from wigs to shoes and everything in between including a particularly fine 19th century maple half tester bed of miniature form – as rare as you will see.

Lot 540


If you are interested in this doll collection, 3rd December, Grantham at 10:00 am is where you need to be. Viewing is on Tuesday 2nd 10:00am – 4pm and on the morning of the sale from 8:30am – 10:00 am.

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