A Big Cheese In The World Of Pistols

18th April 2018

The Grantham Collective Sale on May 2nd contains the usual mix of quality antiques, jewellery and ephemera.

One such item is Lot 43, an early 19th century flintlock pistol by Wilkins of Grantham. The firm themselves can be traced back to 1791; it was a flourishing family-led maker and retailer, with many premises exclusively in Grantham up to about 1820. Local, quirky, collectable items tick the usual boxes and will encourage great interest.

lot 43 19th century flintlock pistol by Wilkins of Grantham

The pistol itself has a fixed barrel and is probably a pocket pistol. The stencilling and name are clear and the walnut stock has a beautiful patina, showing a well-used but original piece. It is let down by damages and losses, making it an affordable piece for new collectors. It is a rare and desirable name and should be available around the £40 - £80 mark making it a must buy.

Sticking with the traditional theme is Lot 63, a cheese coaster. An ever-present stock traditional antique, which is seldom seen in sales for the last twenty years, but still a highly desirable item. This example is early 19th century, in mahogany, and like the pistol you can excuse issues of condition for rarity. It is a useable item, making a good fruit bowl or key dish. It takes up little room and would juxtapose nicely on top of an antique or modern piece of furniture such as a cabinet or telephone table.

lot 63 a cheese coaster

It is fabulously made with Gillows style roundels and plain moulding, curved lines and a finesse seldom seen in modern furnishings. Again, we would be surprised if it reached £100 and proves you can buy useful Georgian pieces at little money. If anything is going to see a resurgence in price, it is the small, useful pieces which have a variety of uses. It could even be used for its original purpose, and a wheel of cheese would still sit nicely in this design classic.

Continuing with the traditional is Lot 285, an early 19th century Davenport bowl or dish, exquisitely and delicately decorated with summer flowers to the centre with gilt highlights to the rim. It is masterful, of the highest quality and should alert collectors of high end porcelain and pottery. The mark is rubbed but condition for something as brittle as this and at the thick end of 210 years old is exceptional. Again, it is here to sell; I would be amazed if it reached anywhere near three figures it deserves,, but probably won’t and highlights the affordability of the juxtaposable 19th century furnishings in today’s market. If ever you should come and buy, it is now!

lot 285-1 an early 19th century Davenport bowl or dish

With a large collection of jewellery, some rare porcelain figures and good stock items of traditional antiques, it is once again a good sale to attend.

The Grantham Collective Sale is at Old Wharf Road, Grantham on May 2nd, with viewing on May 1st 10am – 4pm and on the morning of the sale from 8:30am – 10am.

We are constantly taking items in for appraisal, valuation and sale. Whatever your needs, call the Grantham office 01476 565118 to speak to one of our valuers for further advice and guidance.

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