A 24 carat idea

2nd November 2018

A 24 carat idea Image

We often find scrap prices go up towards Christmas, and this is happening at a faster pace than usual. The trend has a different feel; there is a surge with people buying traditional assets, bullion, perhaps due to the current economic uncertainty.

The next Grantham Collective Sale, on 7th November, is packed with choice, with carats of various qualities, precious jewellery, necklaces and rings. With Christmas just over 50 days away, not only are these items going to go up in value offering a good investment, they make fabulous gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Thumbnail _lot 21 A pair of gold and diamond fox head cufflinks

We have several chains, propelling pencils, bands and brooches. There’s an exquisite emerald ring, a pair of fox head diamond cufflinks and sets of 9-carat pieces to suit any occasion. Also, for all of you budding Peaky Blinders out there we have pocket watches and watch chains in high number, all wearable assets going up in value.

Thumbnail _lot4 A 9ct gold watch chain Thumbnail _lot5

The saleroom is again full of an eclectic mix: from a magnificent set of Victorian silver candlesticks (over 140 ounces although which we wouldn’t recommend melting these down), a fabulous set of 19th century bone letters, a mother of pearl counter box, a 17th century sword, other weaponry, postcards, stamps, china and paintings. Furniture features light wood Ercol to various good Georgian and earlier chests; the offering can be perfectly summed up with a Queen Anne/ George I bureau with a sumptuous interior, alongside and juxtaposing beautifully with perhaps the largest Ladderax bookshelf ever seen in these rooms.

Thumbnail _lot 62 A 19thC rosewood and mother of pearl gaming counter box

There are numerous dog hunting prints, good selections of china, glass and porcelain and a quality selection throughout.

The November Grantham Collective Sale oozes quality and is filled with intrigue. The sale starts on Wednesday, November 7th at 10am; viewing is on Tuesday from10am to 4pm and the morning of the sale from 8.30am.

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