Heighington Methodist Chapel - Tender Sale

29 Jan, 2014 12:00 PM
Heighington Methodist Chapel - Tender Sale
Chapel Lane, Heighington, Lincoln, LN4 1RS
Viewing Strictly by Appointment -
Tuesday 28th January 2014 1pm-4pm
Written bids (as commissions, on a form, or through our website)
will be accepted until 12 noon on Wednesday 29th January 2014.
All Tender bids will be awarded and allocated to purchasers hopefully
by the end of Wednesday 29th January.
Specific Terms & Conditions:
Your bid will be exclusive of a Buyers Premium of 17.5%+VAT
Notification of Purchase:
When bids are closed we will advise the vendor and recommend
they accept the highest bid or aggregate bid tendered although    
they are not obliged to accept. We will contact that bidder when    
we have authority, which we hope to be on the saleday.
Collection can be made immediately after payment has cleared
and by appointment with the vendor and within seven days.

Payment: All accounts must are due for immediate settlement.
General Terms & Conditions: We are selling under usual Terms and Conditions of Auction Business.
Estimates are correct at the time of page upload only. Updates are constantly being made but not always published immediately. If there is no estimate, please ask.
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