Lincoln Collective Sale

16 January, 2019 10:00 AM

Order of Sale:

Wednesday 16th January – 10am

Lot 1 - 980 commencing 10am in The Gallery (Live Webcast through

& Concurrently

Lots 2001 - 2150  commencing at 10am in Saleroom Two

Followed immediately by

Lots 3001 - 3260 in Saleroom Three



Tuesday 15th January – 10am-4pm & Saleday 8.30am-10am

1013 lots in this sale
Lot Description Estimate
1 A Moorcroft pottery Claremont pattern vase
2 A pair of MacIntyre Aurelian ware Imari coloured vases
3 A Moorcroft pottery Big Poppy pattern comport or tazza
4 A MacIntyre & Co Moorcroft Florian ware vase
5 A Macintyre Moorcroft Florian ware vase
6 A Macintyre Moorcroft pottery cup
7 A William Moorcroft Flamminian pattern vase
8 A William Moorcroft two handled pedestal cup
9 A Moorcroft Flambe Orchid pattern box and cover
10 A Moorcroft Eventide pattern saucer
11 A Moorcroft pottery Spring Flowers pattern vase
12 A Moorcroft Clematis pattern bowl
13 A Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern bottle shaped vase
14 A Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern baluster vase
15 A Moorcroft brown and blue two tone vase
16 A pair of MacIntyre miniature vases
17 A Moorcroft miniature pottery vase
18 A Moorcroft Columbine pattern squat vase
19 A pair of Moorcroft Wisteria pattern candlesticks
20 A James MacIntyre gesso faience jug
21 A Walter Moorcroft Anenome pattern pottery jug
22 A Walter Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern bowl and cover
23 A William Moorcroft Pansy pattern shallow bowl
24 A Walter Moorcroft small Anemone pattern baluster vase
25 A Moorcroft Fuschia pattern rectangular tray
26 A Moorcroft Sunray pattern pedestal bowl or tazza
27 Two items of Moorcroft ceramics
28 A Moorcroft Honeycomb pattern vase
29 A Moorcroft trial vase
30 A Moorcroft lemon design vase
31 A Moorcroft centenary year carousel range vase
32 A Moorcroft Magnolia pattern vase
33 A Moorcroft Mimosa pattern vase
34 A Dennis China Works ladybird vase
35 A Moorcroft Buttercup pattern covered bowl
36 A Moorcroft Coral Hibiscus pattern small box and cover
37 A Moorcroft Sweet Briar pattern trial vase
38 A Moorcroft Carp vase
39 A Moorcroft vase
40 A Moorcroft trial vase
41 A Moorcroft Woodside Farm pattern vase
42 A Moorcroft Rockpool pattern bowl
43 A Moorcroft Hellebore open weekend vase from 1995
44 A Moorcroft Finch vase
45 A Moorcroft Noah's Arc ginger jar
46 A Moorcroft Centenary year Carousel range bottle shaped vase
47 A Moorcroft Bramble pattern bowl
48 A pair of Moorcroft tribal range candlesticks
49 A Moorcroft two handled trial vase
50 A Moorcroft Dandelion pattern limited edition vase
50A Part of a consignment of nearly 200 pieces of Moorcroft
51 A diamond ring 2500-3000
52 A Waltham pocket watch
53 A 9ct gold fob watch
54 A 9ct gold watch chain
55 A ladies Rotary white metal and diamond wristwatch 250-350
56 A pair of 9ct gold diamond set stud earrings 60-80
57 Two modern abstract silver pendants and chain 30-50
58 A platinum 800-1200
59 An 18ct gold wedding band 60-80
60 An Art Nouveau bar brooch 200-300
61 A Tower of London 1078-1978 collectors necklace 30-50
62 An early Victorian silver pair cased single fusee pocket watch 150-250
63 A gold plated Byzantine bracelet
64 A modern dress ring
65 A 9ct gold bracelet 150-250
66 A Victorian five stone diamond ring 200-300
67 A 9ct gold hinged bangle 50-80
68 Two signet rings 60-80
69 Two diamond set dress rings 70-90
70 A Continental yellow metal and glass crucifix 70-90
71 A sapphire and diamond three stone dress ring 80-120
72 A platinum wedding band 60-80
73 Two 9ct gold dress rings 40-60
74 Two dress rings 100-150
75 A 9ct gold longard chain 400-600
76 Various silver horse pendants and chains 40-60
77 A diamond set dress ring 100-150
78 A bi colour modern bracelet 200-300
79 Modern silver coin necklaces 40-60
80 A gentleman's 9ct gold Rotary wristwatch 300-400
81 A half gold sovereign pendant 200-300
82 An 18ct gold dress ring 100-150
83 A silver sombrero hat pendant and curb link chain 80-120
84 An 18ct gold diamond bi colour dress ring 150-250
85 Two ladies dress watches
86 A amethyst and diamond Art Deco style dress ring 200-300
87 An 18ct gold diamond set dress ring 80-120
88 An 18ct gold tri-colour abstract dress ring 150-250
89 A set of three tri-colour 9ct gold dress rings 80-120
90 A 9ct gold cameo set dress ring 40-60
91 A Victorian 15ct gold gypsy set ring 80-120
92 A sapphire and diamond three stone dress ring 80-120
93 A yellow metal link chain 150-250
94 A wedding band 60-80
95 A diamond set eternity ring 300-500
96 An 18ct gold sapphire and diamond dress ring 1000-1500
97 A sapphire and diamond eternity ring 300-500
98 An eternity ring
99 A portrait pendant of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
100 A large cameo brooch
101 A composition garden bench
102 A pair of composition garden urns or planters
103 A composition garden urn or planter
104 A compositions garden statue
105 A collection of garden pots
106 Various garden items
107 A pair of composition seated angel garden ornaments
108 A pair of composition bulldog garden ornaments
109 Two similar composition dragon shaped garden ornaments
110 A pair of composition bulldog garden ornaments
111 A composition mushroom shaped garden ornament
112 A composition garden gargoyle type statue
113 A collection of garden cat ornaments
114 A collection of garden ornaments
115 A collection of composition bird ornaments
116 Four composition garden ornaments
117 Various composition plastic and other garden ornaments
118 A composition bird bath
119 A composition garden ornament
120 A pair of composition ammonite type garden ornaments
121 A large composition gate finial
122 Various garden ornaments etc.
123 A composition grotesque dog garden ornament
124 A composition garden ornament
125 A pair of oriental resin garden ornaments
126 A pair of cast heraldic type dogs
127 A composition cast dog ornament
128 A composition cast cat garden ornament
129 A composition cast gothic style garden urn
130 A composition cast square garden urn
131 A pair of composition heraldic griffin garden ornaments
132 A composition garden goblin or pixie ornament
133 A composition gargoyle type garden ornament
134 A composition owl garden ornament
135 Four composition garden ornaments
136 Various garden ornaments
137 Various garden ornaments etc.
138 Two composition garden ornaments
139 A composition griffin shaped garden ornament
140 Various hanging baskets
141 A Royal Doulton figure of The Potter HN1493
141A A Royal Doulton figurine of Bluebeard
142 A Royal Doulton figurine Calumet
142A Two Royal Doulton large character jugs
143 A collection of Royal Doulton series ware
144 A Moorcroft pottery small vase
145 A Moorcroft pottery vase
146 A Moorcroft Nostalgia pattern vase 150-250
147 A Moorcroft pottery ewer 120-150
148 A Moorcroft pottery bottle shaped vase 100-150
149 A Moorcroft squat vase 80-120
149A A Moorcroft pottery squat vase 80-120
150 A Moorcroft White Holly pattern vase
151 A Moorcroft Aquilegia pattern ewer
152 A Moorcroft black colourway Tulip pattern candlestick
153 A Moorcroft Marston's Ales jug
154 A Moorcroft Peony IU3 pattern vase
155 A Moorcroft Iris pattern ewer
156 A Moorcroft Lamia pattern vase
157 A Moorcroft Florida pattern saucer
158 A Moorcroft Centenary Year 1897-1997 coaster
159 A Moorcroft Carousel pattern ginger jar
160 A Moorcroft Thaxted Parish Church commemorative plate
161 A Moorcroft flower design pin tray
162 A Moorcroft Inca pattern vase
163 A Moorcroft Camellia pattern vase
164 A Moorcroft 1995 year plate
165 A Moorcroft Jasmine pattern gourd vase
166 A Moorcroft Crocus pattern trial vase
167 A Moorcroft Bottle Oven pattern mug
168 A Moorcroft Collectors Weekend mug
169 A Moorcroft Spring Flowers pattern mug
170 A Moorcroft Flower design mug for the Open Weekend
171 A Moorcroft Trout pattern vase
172 A Moorcroft squat vase
173 A Moorcroft Orchid pattern lamp base
174 A Moorcroft Martinique pattern vase
175 A Moorcroft trial vase
176 A Moorcroft Snowdrop pattern enamel vase
177 A Moorcroft colour trial vase
178 A Moorcroft lamp base
179 A Moorcroft flower design mug
180 A Moorcroft vase
181 A Moorcroft Bougainvillea pattern vase
182 A Moorcroft Indian Summer vase
183 A Moorcroft Phoenix bird pattern vase
184 A Moorcroft Samarkand Lily pattern vase
185 A Moorcroft Arizona pattern trial vase
186 A Moorcroft flower design vase for the May 1999 Open Weekend
187 A Moorcroft Moonlit Blue pattern tazza
188 A Moorcroft Aster pattern vase
189 A Moorcroft Wisteria pattern vase
190 A Moorcroft Lavenham pattern vase
191 A Moorcroft Rock of Ages design plate
192 A Moorcroft Protea pattern vase
193 A Moorcroft Puffins pattern vase
194 A Moorcroft Passion fruit pattern vase
195 A Moorcroft Hawthorne pattern vase
196 A Moorcroft egg cup set
197 A Moorcroft Castle Garden pattern vase
198 A Moorcroft Convulvulus pattern vase
199 A Moorcroft Gentian pattern trial vase
200 A William Moorcroft Blackberry and Leaf pattern vase
201 A Moorcroft Monkshood pattern vase
202 A Moorcroft Turtle pattern trial squat vase
203 A Moorcroft Parasol Dance pattern vase
204 A Moorcroft Yacht pattern vase
205 A Moorcroft Oberon pattern candlestick
206 A Moorcroft Cornfield pattern vase
207 A pair of large green blown glass sea floats
208 A brass ship's type lantern
209 A small brass ship or boat propeller
210 Three resin replica scrimshaw
211 A copper and brass diver's helmet
212 A replica brass sextant
213 A brass Air Ministry compass
214 A metal ship type bell
215 Various nautical items
216 A brass ship or boat propeller
217 A 27" sea water thermometer stamped Zeal
218 A Griffiths & Sons of Birmingham copper and brass ship lantern
219 A copper and brass ship lantern labelled Mast Head
220 A copper and brass ship lantern
221 A copper and brass ship signalling lantern
222 A copper and brass ships lantern labelled Shire Trawlers Limited Makers of Grimsby
223 Two galvanised ships lanterns
224 A copper and brass ships lantern
225 A galvanised G.B. trademark Seahorse ships lantern
226 A meteorite ships lantern
227 An ebonised partly brass ships lantern
228 A galvanised ships lantern
229 A hardwood and brass small ships wheel
230 A brass and grey patent ships compass
231 A military type ships timepiece
232 A ships port hole
233 A copper and brass ships lantern labelled Stern
234 A meteorite copper and brass mast head lamp
235 A pair of iron lobster or crab pots
236 A pair of welded ebonised iron lobster or crab pot frames
237 A wrought iron ships anchor
238 A brass ship or boats propeller
239 A brass small ship or boats propeller
240 A ship or boats brass propeller
240A A large brass ships propeller
241 A pair of replica copper and brass White Star Line wall hanging lamps
241A A large brass ships propeller
242 A Walkers Cherub Mark 3 brass ships flow ship-lock
243 A painted metal model of a boat the Brittany
244 A small scale model of a two masted ship the Dove
245 A Cobridge stoneware vase
246 A Cobridge stoneware vase
247 A Cobridge stoneware vase
248 A Cobridge stoneware vase
249 A Cobridge stoneware vase
250 A Cobridge stoneware jar and cover
251 A Cobridge stoneware vase
252 A Cobridge stoneware vase
253 A Cobridge stoneware vase
254 A Cobridge stoneware vase
255 A Cobridge stoneware Dolphin pattern vase
256 A Cobridge stoneware Tuscany pattern vase
257 A Cobridge stoneware Cauldon Lock vase
257A A Cobridge stoneware squat poppy pattern vase
258 A Cobridge stoneware Mushroom pattern vase
259 A Cobridge stoneware vase
260 A Cobridge stoneware chalice
261 A Cobridge stoneware The Logging pattern vase
262 A Cobridge stoneware Mow Cop vase
263 A Cobridge stoneware cylindrical Cathedral pattern vase
264 A Cobridge stoneware African Sunrise pattern vase
265 A Cobridge stoneware vase
266 A Cobridge stoneware Colonsay vase
267 A Cobridge stoneware Easter Island pattern vase
268 A Cobridge stoneware Mexican Orange Blossom pattern vase
269 A Cobridge stoneware Squirrel pattern square plaque or tile
270 A Cobridge stoneware vase
271 A Cobridge stoneware blue flambe effect vase
272 A Cobridge stoneware jar and cover
273 A Cobridge stoneware squat vase
274 A Cobridge stoneware
275 A Cobridge stoneware vase
276 A Cobridge stoneware vase
277 A Cobridge stoneware Secret Garden pattern jar and cover
278 A Cobridge stoneware Corn Cockle pattern vase
279 A Cobridge stoneware Apple Blossom vase
280 A Cobridge stoneware Harvest Medley pattern vase
281 A Cobridge stoneware fishing scene vase
282 A Cobridge stoneware Sneyd Colliery plate
283 A Cobridge stoneware Crocus pattern tile
284 A Cobridge stoneware Mdina pattern tile
285 A collection of Cobridge related magazines
286 A Moorcroft pottery bullet shaped vase
287 A Royal Doulton stoneware vase
288 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware mug
289 A Doulton Slaters Patent jug
290 Five items of Doulton stoneware
291 A Royal Worcester Hadley designed centrepiece 80-120
292 A Royal Worcester porcelain figure 200-300
293 A Royal Worcester porcelain basket 30-50
294 A Royal Worcester porcelain ewer 30-50
295 A Royal Worcester porcelain pedestal ewer 40-60
296 A Royal Worcester porcelain Cabaret tea set 300-400
297 A Royal Worcester porcelain ewer 30-50
298 A Royal Worcester vase 50-80
299 A pair of Royal Worcester figural candlesticks 80-120
300 A Royal Worcester triple hors d'oeuvres dish 30-50
301 A fob watch
302 Two silver and enamel brooches
303 Two pieces of agate
304 A byzantine neck chain
305 A silver fob watch
306 Gold jewellery
307 A pair of silver gilt Simon Benney clip on earrings 50-70
308 A Victorian locket 30-60
309 An 18ct gold cameo dress ring 100-140
310 A 9ct gold amethyst and seed pearl set bar brooch 140-170
311 A 9ct dress ring 30-50
312 Two items of jewellery
313 A single strand cultured pearl necklace 60-120
314 A Rotary lady's wristwatch 300-400
315 A collection of silver and white metal jewellery etc. 50-80
316 Four silver curb link chains 50-80
317 A collection of silver and white metal bangles etc. 40-60
318 A silver cross inset with a facet cut amber with chain 30-50
319 Various silver bracelets 30-50
320 Various pocket and wristwatches
321 Various silver jewellery 30-50
322 A Corvair 17 jewel lady's cocktail watch 30-50
323 Miscellaneous silver and other effects
324 Various modern wristwatches
325 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
326 A modern Swarovski crystal necklace
327 A Rotary ladies wristwatch 80-120
328 Various silver and other costume jewellery 150-250
329 Two ladies wristwatches
330 A 1920's 9ct gold Rolex Precision ladies cocktail watch 100-150
331 Two coin mounted wristwatches
332 A Victorian full gold sovereign 180-200
333 Two necklaces 30-40
334 A Vertex ladies cocktail watch 140-180
335 A quantity of vintage and other costume jewellery
336 Various modern costume jewellery
337 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
338 A quantity of costume jewellery and effects
339 Vintage and other costume jewellery
340 A quantity of costume jewellery
341 A quantity of costume jewellery
342 Modern collectors watches
343 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
343A A quantity of modern costume jewellery
344 Various pocket watch parts
345 Various collectables
346 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
347 A quantity of modern costume jewellery and effects
348 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
349 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
350 A glass jewellery box and contents
351 Various modern costume jewellery
352 A cream faux leather jewellery box and contents
353 Various modern and fashion jewellery
354 Various modern fashion jewellery
355 A quantity of modern collectors jewellery
356 A glass jewellery box
357 A quantity of modern costume jewellery
358 Various costume jewellery
359 A quantity of modern costume and fashion jewellery
360 A faux red leather jewellery box and contents
361 A quantity of mainly modern fashion jewellery
362 Various modern costume jewellery and trinkets
363 Various poppy related jewellery
364 A quantity of silver and other costume jewellery
365 Various semi precious stone set jewellery
366 A quantity of marquisette set jewellery
367 An Edward VII half gold sovereign 90-120
368 Various semi-precious stone jewellery
369 A George V half gold sovereign 90-120
370 A gilt metal and agate swivel fob
371 A quantity of costume jewellery
372 Spare lot.
373 A quantity of costume jewellery
374 Various silver and other jewellery
375 Spare lot.
376 Modern costume jewellery and effects
377 A quantity of costume jewellery and effects
378 Two items of Swarovski crystal
379 Spare lot.
380 Two Georgian style paste stone set jewellery pieces
381 A quantity of costume necklaces
382 A quantity of costume jewellery
383 Various AA badges etc.
384 A Harley Davidson motorcycle workshop type clock
385 A Pilgrim jewellery stand and a small quantity of associated jewellery 80-120
386 A modern ring and earring set
387 A collection of five Swarovski crystal dress rings
388 A collection of silver plated and other pocket watches
389 A silver pocket watch
390 A silver cased chronometer pocket watch
391 A collection of British coins
392 A large quantity of foreign coins
393 A large quantity of British coins
394 A large quantity of foreign coins
395 A quantity of threepences
396 A quantity of British and commonwealth bronze coins
397 A quantity of world coins
398 A quantity of British farthings
399 A Mont Blanc black and gold coloured metal ballpoint pen 60-80
400 A pair of Edwardian silver rectangular small trays
401 A string of black pearls 100-150
402 A pink tourmaline 100-150
403 A collection of Pentax camera equipment
404 A Yashica-Mat twin lens reflex camera.
405 A Rolliecord twin lens reflex camera
406 A collection of camera lens
407 Three Nikon 50mm lens.
408 A 1911 silver commemorative medal
409 An early 20thC Indian jewellery box
410 A set of Barr and Stoud military issue binoculars
411 A quantity of historical ephemera material 100-150
412 A Ruston Bucyrus die cast hydraulic excavator 155.RH
413 A Ruston Bucyrus die cast hydraulic excavator 155.RH
414 A Ruston Bucyrus die cast hydraulic excavator 155.RH
415 A Ruston Bucyrus die cast hydraulic excavator 155.RH
416 Various items of Ruston Bucyrus souvenirs
417 Various items of Ruston Bucyrus clothing and various badges.
418 A quantity of Ruston Bucyrus and Bucyrus advertising souvenirs and memorabilia
419 A Rustons Bucyrus leather document bag
420 A George V canted rectangular two handled tray 1200-1400
421 A pair of George VI silver waiters 120-150
422 A large George V silver cigar case
423 A collection of small silver etc
424 A George V silver two handled trophy cup
425 A George V silver two handled trophy cup
426 An Edwardian silver Vesta case 30-50
427 An associated set of five silver Old English pattern dessert spoons
428 An associated set of four 19thC Fiddle pattern silver teaspoons
429 An associated set of six Victorian silver Fiddle pattern teaspoons
430 An associated set of 19thC silver Fiddle pattern teaspoons
431 A pair of Elizabeth II silver sauce boats
432 A collection of small silver and plate
433 An Edwardian silver two handled sugar bowl 100-150
434 A collection of items
435 A collection of small silver plated items etc.
436 A Victorian silver mounted three piece christening set
437 Various silver mounted dressing table items
438 A George V silver trinket box 40-60
439 Spare lot.
440 A collection of small silver white metal and silver plated cutlery
441 A small George V silver two handled trophy
442 A set of six silver George V Old English pattern teaspoons
443 A George V tortoiseshell shell and silver pique part dressing table set 50-80
444 A Victorian silver basket 80-120
445 A quantity of small silver 30-50
446 Three 1977 Silver Jubilee commemorative silver spoons
447 A collection of small silver 40-60
448 A pair of Edwardian silver candlesticks 100-150
449 A George V silver six piece cruet 50-100
450 A Continental white metal salver 200-300
451 An early 20thC silver mounted watch case 30-50
452 A pair of Continental white metal fiddle pattern dessert spoons
453 A George V silver and tortoise-shell trinket box
454 A collection of small silver etc.
455 A George V glass decanter and stopper 80-120
456 A collection of small silver 30-50
457 A Danish oval napkin ring 15-25
458 A silver mounted Samson & Mordan & Co patent propelling pencil
459 A Victorian silver vinaigrette
460 A Victorian silver vinaigrette
461 A Victorian silver vinaigrette
462 A Victorian silver gilt vinaigrette
463 An early 19thC silver rectangular vinaigrette
464 A Victorian silver rectangular vinaigrette
465 A Victorian silver vinaigrette
466 A Victorian silver vinaigrette
467 A Victorian silver gilt rectangular vinaigrette
468 A Victorian silver snuff box 100-120
469 A collection of silver and silver coloured figures
470 A collection of small silver etc.
471 Miscellaneous small silver and silver mounted items etc.
472 A collection of Victorian cut glass and silver topped jars
473 A collection of silver and other pocket watch cases
474 A late 19th/early 20thC brass novelty Vesta case
475 A pair of silver plated golf trophies
476 Various Great British coin folders
477 A quantity of British nickel silver and other coins
478 A quantity of general coins
479 A quantity of Roman style and various museum replica coins etc.
480 Various silver coloured metal museum replica coins
481 Various silver and half silver coins
482 Four gold coloured coins
483 A quantity of British coins etc.
484 A quantity of British commemorative crowns
485 A quantity of British commemorative crowns etc.
486 A quantity of commemorative coins
487 A quantity of foreign and British coins
488 Miscellaneous replica and other coins etc.
489 A Smiths seven jewel alarm clock
490 A Mont Blanc black and gold coloured metal fountain pen
491 An unusual First world War group of sketches etc.
492 A collection of memorabilia etc.
493 Two items of Russian related memorabilia 25-35
494 Various Third Reich type items 25-35
495 Miscellaneous items
496 Various commemorative items
497 A 19thC Staffordshire pink enamel pill box
498 Various early 20thC bone and ivory items
499 Miscellaneous bone and ivory items
500 Miscellaneous items
500A A large quantity of clay pipes
501 A Parker pen set 20-30
502 A Mont Blanc black and gold coloured fountain pen and biro set 30-50
503 A copper and brass shot flask
504 A collection of oriental items
505 A silver limited edition Royal commemorative plate
506 A pair of Victorian beige opaque glass vases
507 A Lladro porcelain figure group
508 A late 19thC German bisque figure 80-120
509 A collection of six Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
510 A collection of Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures
511 Six Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
512 Various Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures
513 Four Royal Doulton small character jugs
514 Five Beswick and Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures
515 Various ceramic figures
516 Various Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures
517 Eleven Royal Doulton Dickens figurines
518 A pair of Beswick plates
519 Five Royal Doulton John Beswick studios Beatrix Potter figures
520 Five Royal Doulton John Beswick Studios Beatrix Potter figures
521 Five Royal Doulton John Beswick Studios figures
522 A Royal Doulton Winnie The Pooh collection figurine
523 Two John Beswick World of Beatrix Potter figures
524 Eight Royal Albert World of Beatrix Potter figures
525 Various Royal Albert World of Beatrix Potter figures
525A Seven Royal Albert World of Beatrix Potter figures
526 Various Royal Albert World of Beatrix Potter figures
527 Various Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge items
528 Various Royal Albert World of Beatrix Potter figures
529 Various Royal Albert World of Beatrix Potter figures
530 A Royal Worcester porcelain centrepiece 1000-1500
531 A Royal Worcester porcelain tureen and cover
532 A Coalport Camelot pattern coffee service
533 A Royal Worcester oriental style vase 60-80
534 A Venetian style paperweight
535 A collection of native American items
536 A Royal Albert bone china part tea set
537 A Continental Majolica glazed figure group
538 A B. and G. Danish porcelain part tea and dessert service
539 A quantity of pottery and porcelain 20-30
540 A large quantity of 19thC blue and white printed pottery 20-30
541 A large quantity of blue and white printed pottery 20-30
542 A Shelley porcelain peaches and grape part tea service
543 Miscellaneous oriental items
544 A collection of ceramics
545 Richard James Mason (1906-1959). Potted plant 20-30
546 19thC British School. Hot Spur 150-250
547 Samuel Lover (1797-1868). Coastal scene with fishing boats and figures 500-800
548 Knud Agger (1865-1973). Coastal scene 40-60
549 20thC British. Low flying airplane 30-50
550 Johan Ulrik Bredsdorff (1845-1928). Highland landscape 30-50
551 Knud Agger (1895-1973). Woodland track between conifers 40-60
552 Enderby. River landscape with cottage
553 After C & J Greenwood. County map of Lincolnshire
554 Andrew Shorthand
555 Dyer. Near Trelowarren Mills Helford
556 Spare Lot
557 Gerald Coulson. Au Revoir
558 Gerald Coulson. The Flying Scotsman
559 Alan Fearnley. Melbourne Victory
560 Jeff Crain. J For Johnny
561 Crossley. Gipsies
562 J. Jackson. Calle Lalmunions
563 A Victorian woolwork picture 100-150
564 Elliot. Village scenes with pond and cottage
565 G. Murray. The Ross Renown trawler
566 Various Lincoln related pictures and prints
567 A lithograph of the Coldstream Guards
568 Spare lot.
569 Various pictures and prints 30-50
570 After Erika Otter. Trying To Love Lettuce
571 19thC English School. Cattle watering at a river
572 Nils Penderson Mols (1859-1921). A cow herder and three cows returning home in an... 150-250
573 Late 19thC School. Thatched cottage beside a road
574 William Bartol Thomas (1877-1947). Wetland scene with duck flying 150-250
575 Hans Agersnap (1857-1925). Country landscape with figures and thatched cottage 150-250
576 C Hunt (19thC/20thC). Lieut General Sir H.S. Coward KCB MO Quartermaster-General... 50-80
577 After Ansel Adams. Cape Royal Grand Canyon 40-60
578 Bradley Ward (20thC). The Kings School Grantham
579 20thC School. Landscape
580 L. Monyarara. Landscape
581 Paul Bertram. Woodland with figures
582 Robert King (b.1936). Sketch for barges under repair 30-50
583 Tony Holahan (20thC). North of England beach
584 P.E. Tunstill. Farmstead
585 Symonnot. Coastal scene
586 Chris West. Buck Inn
587 Newport Arch
588 A German mantel clock
589 A Victorian walnut and brass inlaid writing box
590 Four similar carved wooden decoy style ducks
591 Four carved wooden decoy type ducks
592 Three carved and painted decoy style ducks
593 A large carved and painted duck
594 A pair of oriental style vases
595 A Gustav Becker Vienna wall clock
596 Mankowitz (Wilf). Wedgwood
597 Various GB stamps 30-50
598 A Berghoff gold plated canteen of cutlery
599 A Mono first pressing copy of The Beatles album Revolver signed by Klaus Voorman 150-250
600 A gentleman's umbrella
601 A late 19th-early 20thC spirally twisted glass shepherd's crook walking stick
602 An Edwardian Fox & Co Paragon umbrella
603 A pair of Eastern swords
604 A French Art Deco onyx clock garniture
605 Spare Lot.
606 A French clear art glass centrepiece
606A A 19thC album dated 1836
607 A carved Fijian ceremonial bowl 20-30
608 An associated set of five copper jugs
609 Two similar decoy type ducks 150-250
610 Two Lladro porcelain figure groups
611 A set of four volumes of Stanley Gibbons Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady... 120-150
612 A British Rail Midlands Division tin railway lamp
613 Three chrome plated and brass miner's lamps
614 A gun cartridge loading device
615 Three miner's lamps
616 A fibreglass replica of a Roman helmet
617 A large quantity of horse brasses
618 A small brass and iron replica Gatlin canon
619 A Middle Eastern Jambaya
620 A Beck of London microscope
621 A large quantity of Eddie Stobart scale models
622 Various cut glass decanters and other decanters and stoppers
623 Various Ordnance survey maps 80-120
624 A Piquot ware aluminum four piece tea set
625 A quantity of Graham Farish N-gauge modern railway carriages.
626 Various brass and iron pans
627 Five Victorian and later copper and brass kettles
628 Miscellaneous brass and metal ware
629 A quantity of fishing equipment
630 A pair of Dutch style two branch wall lights
631 Miscellaneous items
632 A large quantity of watch related manuals
633 Miscellaneous cameras
634 A mid 20thC leather Gladstone style travel case 120-150
635 A large quantity of camera equipment
636 Miscellaneous items
637 A 20thC Gwerder digital piano accordion 700-1000
638 A green leather dressing case
639 A mid 20thC Bakelite heater 30-50
640 A collection of ceramics
641 A collection of ceramics
642 A collection of cottageware
643 Two John Beswick Limited edition figure groups
644 Three John Beswick Royal Doulton Beatrix Potter figures
645 A collection John Beswick porcelain Beatrix Potter figurines
646 Two John Beswick Beatrix Potter figure groups
647 Four John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
648 Four John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
649 Three John Beswick Beatrix Potter figure groups
650 Four John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
651 Seven John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
652 Two John Beswick Royal Doulton Beatrix Potter figure groups
653 Four John Beswick Beatrix Potter figurines
654 Four John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures
655 A collection of John Beswick figures and figure groups
656 A William Brownfield of Cobridge relief moulded jug
657 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine of the Toy Maker 30-50
658 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine The Orange Lady 20-30
659 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine The Balloon Seller 20-30
660 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine The Wayfairer 10-20
661 A collection of Beswick pigs and piglets
662 Three Aynsley porcelain pigs 10-20
663 A Border Fine Arts figure groups
664 A collection of Caithness and other glass paperweights
665 A collection of ceramics
665A A collection of postcards
666 A collection of silver coloured metal and other scent bottles etc.
667 A collection of items
668 Two small child's teddy bears
668A A collection of postcards
669 A collection of cutlery
670 Four Royal Doulton porcelain figurines
671 A 19thC fruitwood wool winder 40-60
671A A rare Lilliput Lane Drapers Shop 100-150
672 A Royal Crown Derby Imari porcelain cat
672A Two Royale Stratford porcelain stirrup cups 80-120
673 A graduated set of three studio pottery bowls
674 A large Webb Corbett blue flash cut pedestal rose bowl 35-45
675 Two Royal Doulton porcelain lady figurines
675A A Beswick ceramic pig group
676 A Plant Tuscan china porcelain figure
676A A Royal Doulton Classics character teapot
677 Four porcelain figurines
678 Four Royal Doulton porcelain figurines
678A Two Royale Stratford fox figurines 70-90
679 A 19thC mahogany rectangular box
680 A graduated set of three Majolica glazed cockerels
681 An early 20thC Indian carved wood and ivory mosaic jewellery box 40-60
682 An unusual studio pottery bottle shaped vase
683 A Minton porcelain and bronze figure of a Grecian dancer
684 A pair of Crown Devon brown glazed Dickens style large wall plaques
685 A Noritake porcelain dressing table set
686 Two similar Art Deco style teapots
687 Two Royal Doulton series ware plates
688 A collection of coloured glass
689 A collection of ceramics
690 Six Royal Doulton Mickey Mouse collection figurines
691 A collection of Royal Doulton small figurines
692 Two collectable figurines
693 Miscellaneous ceramic figures
694 A pair of Victorian opaque glass vases
695 A large quantity of Lego
696 An Ambassador valve radio
697 A large quantity of camera equipment
698 Various tools
699 Various items of metalware
700 A quantity of Royal Wedding related postcards
701 Three similar oriental elephant shaped garden seats 60-80
702 A collection of metalware etc.
702A An album of early 20thC postcards
703 A 19th C. Merryweather brass fireman's helmet 200-300
704 A collection of Noritake etc.
705 A collection of tea and dinner ware
706 A collection of Coalport
707 A Continental porcelain miniature cabaret tea set
708 A Richard Ginori Italian wall vase 100-150
709 A collection of silver plate
710 A Capodimonte porcelain figure
711 A collection of Royal Copenhagen porcelain
712 A Royal Worcester Woodland pattern part dinner and tea service 50-80
713 A collection of oriental ceramics
714 A Wedgwood black Jasperware vase
715 A Minton Japan scroll pattern part dinner service
716 A Denby Glynn Colledge studio bottle shaped vase
717 A collection of oriental and other ceramics
718 A collection of Studio pottery etc.
719 A late 19th/early 20thC Meissen porcelain cabaret tea set 200-400
720 A Shelley Wild flowers pattern part tea and dinner service
721 A French gilt brass clock garniture 1000-1500
722 Two similar German Art Nouveau style centre pieces
723 A pair of Chinese porcelain vases and covers
724 A Worcester porcelain two handled vase
725 A collection of decanters etc.
726 A collection of ceramics
727 A pair of German porcelain crinoline ladies
728 A 19thC wine glass
729 A 19thC Sunderland type lustre frog mug
729A A Sadler Art Deco style novelty teapot
730 A Minton Petunia pattern part tea service
731 A Haviland & Co Limoges part tea service
732 A collection of ceramics
733 Various modern ceramics
734 A German Fat Lava two handled lamp base
735 A Royal Crown Derby Chatsworth pattern part dinner and tea service
736 A collection of ceramics
737 A Continental onyx chess set
738 Various brass and other artillery gun and other shells.
739 A Zorki-4 camera with Jupiter 8 2/50 lense 10-30
740 A collection of ephemera
741 A collection of early 20thC and later postcards.
741A A quantity of Pelham puppets
742 A collection of toys
743 A modern child's violin
744 A large quantity of ephemera and framed prints etc.
745 Volumes of The Sporting magazine
745A Gowen Smith (Charles). Doomsday book which relates to Lincolnshire and Rutland
745B Three volumes of Dugdales Monasticon Anglicanum
746 A Remington Victor T portable typewriter 20-30
747 A painted tin and brass magic lantern
748 A large carved hardwood tobacco type figure of a native American Indian
749 A Jesus College Lent boat 1944 hand painted rowers oar
750 A carved wooden tobacco type figure of a native American Indian
751 A carved wooden tobacco type figure of a native American Indian
752 A carved wooden tobacco type figure of an American huntsman
753 Miscellaneous items
754 After Barye
755 A bronzed figure lamp base
756 An Art Nouveau Tiffany style stained glass shade 70-90
757 A scale model Sir Walter Raleigh's first Ark Royal
758 A carved wooden bust
759 After Moigniez
760 Various items of hi fi equipment
761 Two similar carved oak Black Forest type eagles
762 A Diana 55/22 calibre air rifle
763 A 2260 air rifle
764 A rapid 7/12 compressed air rifle with Simmons sight and with a silencer, 102cm L.
765 A Gun power Stealth 2000 compressed air rifle
766 A Venom Viper compressed air rifle
767 A compressed air rifle
768 An air rifle
769 A BSA Air Sporter rifle
770 A Webley Omega air rifle
771 A vintage BSA type air rifle
772 Various air rifle and air gun accessories
773 Various air rifle related accessories etc.
774 A quantity of wall lights
775 A Panasonic Viera 41" plasma television
776 A part canteen of silver plated cutlery
777 A ladies brown fur coat
778 A gentleman's mac or coat
779 A set of four six branch Venetian style chandeliers 200-300
780 Spare Lot
781 A late 19th/early 20thC kitchen or diary cream bowl or dish 100-200
782 Miscellaneous items
783 Two sports related Royal Bradwell sports series mugs
784 A Victorian walnut writing box
785 Three ceramic horses
786 A collection of items
787 A collection of metalware
788 A collection of items
789 A collection of items
790 An early 20thC violin 80-90
791 A mid 19thC mahogany wheel barometer by James Usher 30-50
792 A quantity of fossils
793 A quantity of fossils from the Jurassic period
794 A quantity of fossils from the Jurassic period etc.
795 A quantity of fossils
796 A quantity of fossils
797 A quantity of fossils
798 A quantity of fossilized shells etc. (4 boxes)
799 A large quantity of fossilized shells sea creatures etc. (6 boxes)
800 A large quantity of fossilized shells
801 Various fossilized plants etc. (8 boxes)
802 Various fossilized sections of palm tree
803 Various fossilized coral specimens plants etc. (12 boxes)
804 Four large fossilized ammonite's
805 Various pieces petrified wood
806 A quantity of fossilized plants
807 Various fossilized ammonite's
808 Various fossilized shells etc. (8 boxes)
809 A quantity of fossilized shells
810 A quantity of fossilized shells
811 Various large fossilized ammonite's
812 A slab of polished agate
813 A Wedgwood World of Beatrix Potter part tea service
813A An early 20thC Royal Ironstone ware by Johnson Brothers
814 A late 19th/early 20thC box and cover
814A A modern Doulton part dinner and tea service
815 Four Beatrix Potter figurines
816 A collection of ceramics
817 A 19thC Staffordshire treacle glazed Toby shaped teapot
818 A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern jardinere
819 A set of five Mercury thermometers
819A A quantity of football and other sporting memorabilia
820 A McDonalds patent boot and shoe rack by Platts 80-120
821 Miscellaneous items
822 Various wooden beech and brass planes etc.
822A A quantity of Aynsley Elizabeth Rose pattern ceramics
823 An associated collection of wooden block planes
824 A Coach brown leather briefcase 50-70
825 A 1960s Liberty brown distressed leather pig shaped footstool 45-60
826 A Coach black leather briefcase. 50-70
826A Two brown leather purses 25-35
827 A Mulberry brown leather made to simulate crocodile skin briefcase 50-70
828 A quantity of Lizzie High dolls
829 Various children's comics
830 A modern wall mounted sword
831 A pine open bookcase 30-50
832 A French stained and turned beech bed head and foot
833 A French carved oak buffet
834 A Victorian walnut overmantel mirror
835 An oak wall shelf
836 A retro style G-plan teak display unit
837 An early 19thC mahogany chest on chest 200-300
838 An 18thC Continental walnut cupboard
839 A mid 18thC oak bureau bookcase 200-300
840 A Continental walnut small cabinet 40-60
840A A Victorian walnut and marquetry pier cabinet 80-100
841 A 19thC rosewood overmantle mirror 40-60
842 A French carved oak buffet
843 A pine longcase clock case 60-80
844 An early 19thC country made ladder back side chair
845 A small limed pine kitchen type stand
846 A 19thC pine dairy type side table 80-120
847 A French fruitwood and walnut associated dining suite
848 A 19thC American type rocking chair
849 A French oak side cabinet
850 An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet
851 An early 19thC mahogany Pembroke table 100-150
852 A large oak kitchen table 150-250
853 An early 19thC mahogany tilt top breakfast table
854 A mahogany corner chair 30-50
855 A pair of Victorian walnut balloon back chairs
856 A George III mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers 500-800
857 An early 19thC mahogany serpentine fronted chest of drawers 400-600
858 A late Victorian walnut open bookcase 40-60
859 A Victorian walnut pier cabinet 40-60
860 A mahogany bookcase 40-60
861 A Victorian walnut and marquetry pier cabinet 40-60
862 A 19thC mahogany commode or chest of drawers 600-800
863 An early 19thC mahogany chest of drawers 150-250
864 An Edwardian mahogany three tier folding cake stand
865 A late 18th/early 19thC pine small cupboard 70-90
866 An early 20thC oval mahogany wall mirror
866A An Edwardian pokerwork spinning chair
867 A nest of three oak arts and crafts style tables
868 An oriental occasional table
869 A Victorian mahogany swing frame dressing table mirror
870 A late 18th/early 19thC oak drop leaf table
871 An Edwardian ebonised music cabinet
872 A Victorian pine side table
873 A retro style stained beech folding bookcase 25-35
874 A 19thC pine four planked kitchen table 150-250
875 Two similar Regency mahogany dining chairs
876 An Ercol three tier trolley
877 A Victorian pine blanket box
878 An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood cross banded writing table 150-250
879 A set of four Scandinavian mahogany and marquetry dining chairs 80-120
880 An early 20thC mahogany stool
881 An Edwardian style mahogany and marquetry work table
882 An Edwardian mahogany music cabinet
883 A Danish Dyrlund teak dining room suite 200-300
884 A Victorian mahogany occasional table 30-50
884A An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood crossbanded nest of three tables
885 A 19thC oak ladder back elbow chair 30-50
886 A mahogany extending dining table 30-50
887 A set of six George III mahogany dining chairs 100-150
888 A Victorian figured mahogany dressing table mirror 25-35
889 A mahogany extending dining table 100-150
890 A Victorian walnut balloon back chair
891 An oak coffer in 17thC style
892 A nest of three walnut tables
893 A Victorian mahogany tea table
894 A stripped pine child's crib
895 An Edwardian Sutherland walnut table
896 An Edwardian walnut Sutherland table
896A A modern machine woven Persian style wool runner
897 A 19thC mahogany lowboy 100-200
898 A 19thC mahogany occasional table
899 An Italian walnut and marquetry coffee table
900 A Singer sewing machine
901 An early 19thC mahogany bidet stand
902 An Edwardian walnut occasional table
903 Two 1950/60s retro style occasional tables
903A A mahogany dressing table in George III style
904 Spare Lot
905 Four vintage electric vacuum cleaners
906 A Victorian mahogany dining table
907 A 19thC mahogany chest of four drawers 50-100
908 A modern Chinese navy blue glazed vase
909 An early 19thC oak caddy top chest of drawers 80-120
910 An Ercol two tier coffee table
911 A small panelled oak coffer
912 A Victorian mahogany chaise lounge
913 An Edwardian ebonised day bed
914 A nest of three Ercol pebble shaped tables
915 A Victorian Gothic pew or settle 150-200
916 A large oak refectory table
917 A set of four Victorian walnut balloon back chairs
918 A collection of hi-fi equipment
919 A near pair of mahogany Gainsborough type open armchairs 100-150
920 A Pinnacle Excel wood working planer and thicknesser machine 150-200
921 A mahogany wingback armchair in George III style 50-80
922 A mahogany sideboard in George III style 70-100
923 A pair of oak benches
924 A 1950s/60s retro style coffee table
925 An early 19thC mahogany chest of drawers 100-200
926 A Victorian walnut and Hungarian ash pot cupboard
927 A Victorian walnut pot cupboard
928 A Victorian mahogany washstand
929 An early 19thC mahogany Pembroke table
930 An early 19thC Scottish longcase clock 200-300
931 A walnut kneehole dressing table or desk 85-95
932 A Victorian pine wash stand
933 A Victorian scumbled pine chest of drawers 20-30
934 Two Victorian mahogany dressing table mirrors 25-35
935 A Victorian figured mahogany bowfront chest of drawers 30-50
936 A Victorian painted pine bowfront chest of drawers
937 A 1950s/60s Vanson retro style mahogany dining room suite
938 A 1960s rosewood and brown leather swivel chair and Ottoman 3000-3500
939 A large Victorian pine scrub top kitchen table 200-300
940 An early 20thC child's dolls house
941 An American pink and white painted dolls house
942 A pair of early to mid 20thC stained beech fire side open armchairs
943 A William IV mahogany breakfast table
944 A William IV mahogany dining table 100-150
945 A mahogany occasional table 100-150
946 A set of five Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs
947 A Victorian ebonised waiting room settle
948 A mahogany sofa in mid 18thC style 150-250
949 An early 19thC mahogany chest of drawers 50-80
950 A Victorian mahogany box commode
951 A Victorian mahogany wash stand 40-60
952 A Victorian ebonised writing table 170-190
953 A large 19thC mahogany corner cabinet 300-400
954 A 19thC French oak armoire
955 An Alstons Sullivan three seater sofa 250-350
956 An Alstons Flemming three seater sofa 250-350
957 An Alstons Lowry chair 200-300
958 A Victorian mahogany bookcase
959 A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers 30-50
960 A Victorian ebonised bookcase 60-90
961 A Victorian mahogany Scottish type chest of drawers 60-80
962 A large oak refectory table
963 A large mahogany conference type table
964 A Persian Qum type silk rug 200-300
965 A mahogany wardrobe
966 A Victorian walnut wardrobe
967 An early 19thC oak and mahogany cross banded bureau bookcase 100-200
968 A 19thC oak ladder back armchair 30-50
969 A machine woven rug
970 A Kilim flat weave runner 60-80
971 A Persian rug 40-60
972 A Chinese cut wool carpet
973 A large architect or planners adjustable drawing board
974 A Turkoman small mat or rug
975 A Turkoman small rug or mat
976 A Turkoman rug or mat
977 A Turkoman narrow rug or mat
978 A large Kirman carpet 30-50
979 A Hamedan runner
980 An Azari runner